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Friday, 30 December 2011 15:58








"Mom, why do they think we are 'worthy' when all we did was not to abandon the others when the bears came? You always tell me I must work hard in school so I can have success when I grow up, become a Number 1. Maybe that's not as 'worthy' as you think!?"


I love this question.


Teacher-Mom reluctantly looks up from her magazine 'The Elegant Biker'. "Yes, dear, I don't understand that either - maybe it was that stone-age thing - when I suppose it was a matter of survival to stick together -  but in this day and age - I really think it's all about hard work!"


Little Johnny doesn't let go: "But what's so different about 'this day and age'?"


It reminds me of a story about a Scotsman and a South Sea Islander who somehow get marooned together on a small island. After four weeks both complain of getting ulcers: The Scotsman because there is nothing to do, the Islander because there is too much to do, getting food. Different backgrounds, different 'this day and age'.

Which does put a different light on 'worthiness'. Let's see: On a South Sea Island, anybody frantically busy trying to get to be Number 1 would be a great irritation and puzzlement, quite obviously neurotic and driven by a so-unnecessary urge to perform. On the other hand, if you are parked on the banks of Loch Ness waiting for a ripe coconut to drop into your lap and the fish to bite you might get a surprise of the undertaker kind.


The question is, how do I put it to my companions? I mean, nobody likes to be called neurotic.


Teacher-Mom must have read my thoughts. "I guess in @Paradise# nobody has to work hard because after all it is paradise. There worthiness has nothing to do with 'energy' or 'languor', but only with congeniality, the ability to respect the other. Hard work will be frowned upon. But try that in Glasgow, my clever Johnny, and you'll end up on welfare, aspiring to a middle spot under a bridge."


I really think she is being a bit negative. "It can't be that bad in paradise. If you are a nicely neurotic, hard working cold climate denizen, I'm sure they'll let you beaver away on some special project together with others of like mind, organized so that there is no chance of compromising and upsetting the ambiance for the less afflicted folk."


As usual, Little Johnny has the last word: "So what you are saying is that nothing has really changed, and that it's different horses for different courses. And to be worthy, it is enough not to abuse others.Then we can all be winners!"

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